Infrared & Raman Courses, Inc., exists solely to provide continuing education resources for vibrational spectroscopy to the scientific community.


To be determined.

Our usual course location is at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine.  The college has decided to open the campus to students only for the 2021 summer so that students may complete research projects.  No facilities will be available for off-campus groups.

We are currently negotiating for facilities for later in the year.  Our target date is October.  We will only hold the course if it is safe to do so for participants and staff to travel and hold an in-person course.  We are encouraged by the progress being made on vaccinations for COVID-19 and hope the pandemic will abate in time for a course.

Vibrational spectroscopy is an extremely useful and cost effective technique for the structural elucidation of molecules and ions, as well as polymers. The ability to interpret vibrational spectra and hence to identify the presence or absence of organic or inorganic functional groups and their surrounding environment is vital to anyone who uses an infrared or Raman spectrometer.

Interpretation of Infrared and Raman Spectra. •To be determined.



The course is designed to present a strategy to determine chemical structure from both infrared and Raman spectra. Participants master how to interpret spectra in a “learn by doing” environment. The goal is to make correct band assignments with the use of multiple spectral bands and features to determine correct chemical structures.




As we will not be at Bowdoin College this year, we are looking at facilities that do not have lodgings, hence participants will have to stay at hotels or commute.

The costs of the course will be determined at a later date, but every effort will be made to keep the costs as low as possible.


 Registration is currently closed

On-line registration will open as soon as we have secured a venue and we have good assurance that the course will be held.  If you wish to be put on a notification or reservation list, please email: 

Updated March 4, 2021