Accommodation Options

On-Campus Single Accommodation

On-campus single accommodation includes tuition, materials, room, and board from Sunday evening, June 14, 2020 through Friday noon, June 19, 2020. Meals are served at the campus dining hall and the course Lobster Bake, held at the Cram Alumni House, is included. Housing is in one of the campus dormitories and each participant has a private bedroom within a four-person quad. A bathroom and common room are shared by the quad residents. Quad apartments are segregated by male and female occupancy.

The registration fee for on-campus single accommodation is $2995.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Participants may stay off-campus for the course and the registration fee includes tuition and materials. On-campus meal plans are available, and a full meal plan includes the Lobster Bake. If the meal plan is not purchased, there is the option to purchase Lobster Bake ticket separately.

The registration fee for off-campus accommodation is $2600.

On-Campus Quad Apartment Accommodation

A limited number of quad apartments is available for each course. As the number is very limited the College will offer these only to groups of two to four, or families; they will not be available for individuals. Only one person in a quad apartment will be registered for the course. The quad apartments are the same as those for single accommodation, but the entire quad is made available. There are no cooking facilities and meal plans are available at additional cost. Meal plans, that include the Lobster Bake, are available for adults and children, or the Lobster Bake can be purchased separately.

The registration fee for quad apartment accommodation is $2700.

Registration Deadline

The deadline for receipt of the formal registration form and fee is June 1, 2020. Participants are urged, however, to submit their registrations well in advance of this date to be assured that accommodations can be reserved. This is of particular importance to those wishing quad suite accommodations, as these facilities are very limited.

Registration will open soon