Infrared and Raman Courses

Infrared and Raman Courses

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Is a computer required for the course?

It is not necessary to have a computer for the course. All course materials are printed and given to each participant. No exercises or lectures require the use of a computer.

What accommodations are available off-campus?

There are many hotels in the Philadelphia city center. Many hotel chains have hotels in the area. The location of the course is 2000 Market St, Philadelphia and hotel booking sites can find hotels close to that address. The closest hotel is the Philadelphia 201 Hotel, a Sheraton Hotel. The course location is at the corner of Market St and 20th St which is only 5 blocks from Penn Square, the location of the City Hall. Around the City Hall are several hotels. In addition, it may be possible to find accommodations through AirBnB.

What materials are provided with the courses?

The course has extensive course notes. The notes consist of several hundred pages and many example spectra are included. There are also tables to help with interpretation. A second notebook of exercises is provided for the afternoon problem-solving sessions.

What is the dress for the course?

Participants may dress casually. In past years many participants have attended lectures in T-shirts and shorts, and others wear business casual. Basically, you dress however you feel most comfortable. The weather can be pleasant in Philadelphia in September/October, but it can also be quite cool.